Police claim MI5 said it was OK to hire unpaid actors

A shocking allegegation of minimum wage infractions by people who should really know better: the Police.

From a lead NEWS article in THE STAGE written by Jamie Elliott based on a tip off from TVWatercooler.org.

“The Association of Chief Police Officers has been accused of flouting employment law after it advertised for experienced actors to appear on an expenses-only basis in a film raising awareness of terrorism.

The casting call, which appeared on the StarNow casting website in July, included demanding roles such as the mother of a suicide bomber. “This role requires the actor to deliver strong emotional monologues to camera but also to take part in strong scenes in which she is verbally abused by her disturbed son,” the advert said.”

This was brought to the attention of THE STAGE by TVWaterCooler.org who have growing renown for naming and shaming media employers who advertise looking to exploit workers unpaid.

After repeatedly writing to the police Chiefs’ Association TVwatercooler tipped the story to The Stage.

Equity has waded in with very strong wording The STAGE article continues:

“A spokesman for Equity agreed. “It was a normal job of work, but only expenses were being offered,” he said. “This is illegal and at least the national minimum wage should be offered.” He added that Equity had reported the case to HM Revenue and Customs, the government department which enforces the minimum wage.”

If you want to read the chain of polite letters from TVwatercooler and the shameful and pathetic excuses from the producer and the ACPO have a look.

While you are at TVWatercooler’s site, read more about other cases.

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