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ActorsMinimumWage has decided to enter the business of finding jobs for actors! The only hitch is that these jobs are advertised as unpaid or underpaid. You will have to take the company to tribunal to get your wages. Of course … Continue reading

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We Are Not Amused with the Old Vic

A major entertainment union has reached out to touch the Old Vic again. The issue; unpaid workers.  Looks like there are concerns that the Old Vic Tunnels recruits unpaid actors for visiting companies. And these companies of course have a … Continue reading

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Old Vic to exploit vulnerable young workers in dubious internships

Normally AMW blog does not involve itself in the issue of unpaid internships.  But the Old Vic has been on the radar recently, as currently one of the biggest employers of unpaid actors in the country. The Old Vic has not … Continue reading

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The Press Association: Unpaid internships ‘violating law’

Kayte Lawton, research fellow at the IPPR, said: “Too many employers don’t understand the law when it comes to hiring interns. There is a mistaken belief that employers can take on people on a voluntary basis if both sides agree … Continue reading

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