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TARGET: YOU ME BUM BUM TRAIN This is a call to action for everyone in the Low Pay/No Pay network:  Send a message to all wannabe employers; minimum wage is here to stay. A runaway success like YMBBT has to … Continue reading

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We Are Not Amused with the Old Vic

A major entertainment union has reached out to touch the Old Vic again. The issue; unpaid workers.  Looks like there are concerns that the Old Vic Tunnels recruits unpaid actors for visiting companies. And these companies of course have a … Continue reading

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Arts Council Cracks Down On Illegal Jobs but ‘Voluntary Opportunities’ Still Problematic | Arts Group

Re-blogged via Arts Council Cracks Down On Illegal Jobs | Arts Group. In response to pressure from fair pay campaigners, the Arts Council England (ACE) has begun to crack down on illegal postings on its site Arts Jobs. Staff at ACE summarized the … Continue reading

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