Equity Young Members Committee leading union in using tribunals

The Equity Young Members Committee has given the Union it’s teeth back!  The following motion- passed at the Annual Representative Conference- will put the information in all members hands which will allow them to get paid via tribunal for unpaid and underpaid jobs. 

At this year’s conference the YMC has proposed this motion which the ARC has passed:

This Annual Representative Conference welcomes the work of the union in progressing the campaign against low/no pay work, but acknowledges that only way forward in the campaign is for members to take employers to employment tribunals.

Conference therefore asks the Equity Council to investigate funding a substantial campaign to educate Equity members about this new approach and to promote and advertise how to contact the union to get assistance in taking an employer to tribunal. The campaign should include both physical and digital media, and be targeted at workplaces and training schools, as well as directly to members.

Well done Young Members!  You are making a difference for the next generation of actors in difficult times.

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3 Responses to Equity Young Members Committee leading union in using tribunals

  1. Ian Seale says:

    This still falls some way short, as members will still have to raise their heads above the parapet to bring about the tribunal and, irrespective of the result, will never work with that production company, or any of the individuals concerned within it ever again.

    This is a scenario where Equity needs to be leading the issue, tackling rogue production companies, on behalf of members who retain their anonymity and protect their future employment prospects.

    Equity is our dog that should be barking when we want/tell it to.

  2. Very true Ian. Luckily there seem to be a few “dog whisperers” amongst us! My hope is that we can get this issue on the front page of the Equity magazine in the near future. Hopefully the TUC will be able to influence a change in the law so that all unions can take on a case instead of waiting for some brave soul to take on these producers. Equity, as you know passed a motion at last year’s ARC to push for this and let’s hope that it can still happen with this government. It’s going to be tough, as Conservative ideals that favour employer’s rights over the worker’s will no doubt prevail in this Coalition.
    All the same, brilliant work by the YMC. It’s great to see how far this campaign has got in the last couple of years, from outright hostility to an acceptance that many people care about it, and now practical steps to tackle it. Go YMC!

  3. A Standish says:

    Well done indeed. Don’t worry, some of us employers are doing all we can to ensure fair pay for actors and crew. And we certainly welcome anything that stops other companies taking advantage of those who, just because love their work, end up getting paid poorly for it. Keep us posted on the latest… From Gobo Theatre

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