The Stage: Government urged to clarify minimum wage legislation

Re Blogged from The Stage: Published Thursday 7 April 2011 at 17:35 by Matthew Hemley

MPs are being urged to raise awareness of the rules around paying National Minimum Wage following concerns from unions Equity and BECTU that performers are being asked to work for free on jobs that should be paid.In the Low Pay Commission’s annual report, published today, a recommendation has been put forward to the government that there should be “steps to raise awareness of the rules applying to payment of the National Minimum Wage for those undertaking internships, all other forms of work experience and volunteering opportunities”.

In its report, the LPC also referred to a recommendation it made last year, calling on the then Labour government to introduce sector specific guidelines on how the minimum wage should be applied in the entertainment sector.

The LPC said the general election had “caused a delay while the new government considered this” and added: “The government has advised us that it is taking forward the work on sector specific guidance, which it aims to publish by spring 2011.”
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