Emphasis on tribunal cases as Equity forms Low Pay/No Pay Working Party

Younger members of Equity have brought about an important change in the Low Pay/No Pay issue.  The Equity Young Members Committee proposed a working part in October 2010 ‘It was necessary to look at the burgeoning Low Pay No Pay sector and to have a presence at any relevant meetings on this.’

In a recent Equity Council meeting the motion was CARRIED with 17 for, and 7 against.
The struggle against lo pay/no pay issues has been going on for twenty years – in the past, higher profile members have always reserved the right to vote against any change. Now, with local branches finding themselves swamped with instances of underpaying companies, and a young member led initiative, Equity is now firmly clarifyig it’s stance on minimum wage.

The inaction of the HMRC and BIS has forced this issue and Equity is actively seeing tribunal cases where wages are absent or below National Minimum Wage.In discussion emphasis was placed on the fact theat this was not an attack on the fringe.

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