‘The Stage’ names and shames Theatre Royal Bury-St-Edmonds

“There’s lots to discover about the Theatre Royal and the organisation that keeps it operating.”- Theatre Royal Bury St Edmonds website.

‘The Stage Blog’ names and shames Theatre Royal Bury St Edmonds. (Read the posting here)

Susan Elkin writes that Theatre Royal Bury St Edmonds has been attempting to offer significant staff positions as unpaid ‘work placements’ this year.

A typed list of positions had been delivered to her.  These positions which have also been advertised on Twitter have been published on The Stage Blog. These positions include set/costume designer, actors, assistant directors, lighting designer, and musicians.

Had worker positions been improperly filled by unpaid workers, the theatre may have been taking risks, not only of losing it’s Arts Council funding, but also risks of HMRC fines.

Elsewhere in the ‘Values’ page on the Theatre Royal BSE website is the proud claim “The organisation strongly believes in social conscience, and one of our key aspirations is to actively make a difference to people’s lives, both in the local community and through our education programmes.”

Colin Blumenau is artistic director. It is not yet know what action the theatre will take.

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