NMW debate a ‘matter of urgency’ for Equity Council: says Appeals Committee

On 11 May, 2010 the Equity Appeals Committee met and ruled on a procedural matter. Although the procedural appeal was not successful, the issue of NMW was in play. The appellant had tabled an unsuccessful motion calling for Equity Council to engage more fully in discussion on NMW.

The following wording was used in the ruling issued by the Equity Appeals Committee:

This hearing was extremely productive. The issues around which it centred, low pay, fringe theatre, profit share, and the National Minimum Wage, are matters of great concern to Equity members, and the Appeals Committee believes they merit the widest possible airing.

It also noted that a Review of Fringe Theatre policy is currently underway and urges Council to ensure that the issues are thoroughly debated as a matter of urgency, by as many members as possible.

This is very significant and positive wording from the Equity Appeals Committee. The powerful wording reinforces the feelings many Equity members are voicing; that the NMW is a critical issue, that Equity Council must engage on NMW if Equity is serious about improving pay and conditions for actors.

There is now a strong case that incoming Equity councillors must be informed on NMW, as they direct Equity’s hard working staff on this key issue. This blog welcomes comments on NMW from any of the current Equity Council members, and from candidates standing in the Equity Council (and Appeals Committee) elections.

The appeal ruling was published in the July Equity magazine and council report.

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