Anonymously report NMW offenders to the taxman

Seen underpaid or unpaid workers who should be receiving the NMW?
Know the employer knows better?

You can now do something about it, even if you don’t work for that company.  You now have the option to report offenders directly to the taxman (HMRC) if they are not meeting their NMW obligations.

You can even do so anonymously.  This should make a big difference to the most vulnerable actors and performers.

(from the HM Revenue and Customs website)

If you wish to make a complaint about an employer that is not paying the minimum wage, and you do not work for, or have not previously worked for, that employer, please complete an online complaint form.

Completion of personal details on this form is not compulsory. You should also be aware that, for Data Protection purposes, we will not be able to tell you anything about any investigation that we may choose to conduct into the employer.

Of course it would be good form to try to educate and inform the employers who truely do not know.  But for companies with a long history of exploitation it is a relief to see this in place.

And don’t forget to speak with your union before taking any action.

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