Watch the Shooting People debate with BECTU over NMW.

Watch the debate on YouTUBE

The debate was over the application of current National Minimum Wage Laws to low-budget film-making.  It was informed and passionate.  Some positioning was taken which was not helpful in resolving the difficulties of applying NMW to indie filmmaking.  At least they were in the same room; to the credit of BECTU and Shooting People.  I would love to hear from the Equity staff member, Tim Gale who was there. Watch for him on the film.

There is genuine anger on the BECTU side; who feel they are defending workers who have been exploited.  There is fear on the part of film-makers who genuinely feel they may be losing their liberties to collaborative at a low cost, and that opportunities for exposure for all artists will suffer.

Both sides express a hope that the outcome will be a way of continuing to collaborate and create together.

“There wasn’t a spare seat in the house at the University of the Arts (25 March 2010) as Martin Spence and Bennetta Adamson of BECTU took on Jess Search and Chris Jones from the jobs site Shooting People to debate the issue of unpaid work in the independent film industry.”

a report on the event from BECTU

a report on the same event from Chris Jones at (Shooting People)

There was an UNEDITED footage of the debate posted by BECTUon YOUTUBE

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